søndag 16. november 2014

The Priestess of the Waterfalls - New Book in the Making

It is early Sunday morning and I have just fed my cat and started to seriously work with my new book. I am scribbling and scrabbling on a creative mindmap trying to tie up some of the loose ends in the strand. The only company I have right now is my huge mug of coffee to possibly sharpen up my brain while I listen to the buzzing sound of the old fridge I borrowed from great-granny, thank you great-granny :-)
My own broke down the other day with lots of food inside.

I am going to a competition in gymastics later this day. My son, Patrik 9 years old, is competing and showing brand new skills today on his floor exercise, we are all so excited to see him, and my job is to pack his bag, see through that he is well fed, dressed properly and ready to do his best.

My new book will be a runner up for The Dragon Leaves, and will as the beforementioned be a collection of short pieces of prose, all linked up to form a whole story for those interested in pondering on that :), or just read each and every one of them as stand alone stories. As The Dragon Leaves contained a lot of poetry as well, I think that The Priestess will do fine with only prose. I think that this collection will be journeying farther into the fantasy genre than The Dragon, but only time will tell, and a lot of changes can happen in the process of writing, so we'll never know.

You can follow this book in the making by checking out the progress in this blog regularly or go visit my facebookpage, I will try to update it on a weekly basis.

Lots of love <3

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