lørdag 22. november 2014

The Priestess of the Waterfall - Weekly Update - The Outline is Ready

This week has been a busy week, but that is rather normal, so I guess everything is as it should be.

I have been true to my routines and worked most mornings on my outline. Some interruptions have been inevitable, but I just kept going. One morning my cat offered me a great tit in exchange for some cat food, left my living room full of small feathers and death. Well, as a writer you have to cope with disturbances you didn't plan for, so I just kept unaffectedly writing. My son, Patrik, threw the bird out the door and swept the floors. You know, life must go on!  

Winter is coming with it's sleepy and hibernating death in Nature and when I look out of my window now I see the beautiful white blanket of snow on the ground. I am so happy about it. The grey and cold weather that has been haunting us for weeks now has been so depressing. The snow isolates, and lightens up our lives. I hope we will have the snow for awhile, to make this darkest time of the year a little easier to live with. Yuletide is soon coming up on us, always faster than expected. I guess that is a tradition to be trusted. My brother and his family came to exchange gifts yesterday, and I was like.... Eeeeek... Already??? Didn't we just celebrate Samhain the other day? Well, gifts are bought and exchanged now. I guess the Yule preparations just begun. In between the pondering of what time of year we have ahead of us, and all that should be done before the Solstice,  I managed to focus on my outline and finished it so that I can use it as a starting point from where I can create the plots for my stories. There will be 25 of them, and they have been given a number and a theme, based on the mindmap I worked with last week. Titles will come later, I normally find them after the stories are done, unless there is a line that has jumped into my brain and just has to be used. 

I started working on a draft for the plots as well. I felt the urge to take a break to contemplate the new moon a couple of days, looking back and planning ahead, because I am welling over with great ideas and moments in my plotting, and now I think that I no longer will be able to write the texts as short vignettes. I think the book will be a compilation of short stories instead!! I am very excited about it and it feels very right, At the same time I felt the urge to do some marketing of  "The Dragon Leaves"  as well, and all these ideas had to be organized in my head, very appropriate for the days of the new moon. I am firstly planning on a pre-solstice campaign for "The Dragon Leaves" selling it to a discounted price in December, but more on that later. 

I have for the moment changed the working title of my new book into "The Priestess of the Waterfall" instead of "... Waterfalls". Just a little detail that had to be set straight. 

I wish you all a nice Moon!!

Lots of love <3  

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