lørdag 29. november 2014

The Priestess of the Waterfall - Weekly Update - Never stop plotting!


I've started plotting this week. It is really, really fun.

I lost a few mornings due to beginning 7 am at work in the kindergarten. I therefore did'nt have the chance to exploit the mornings this week as much as I wanted to. Anyway, I now soon have two stories plotted, and I am over all very happy about it. Life happens in between the writing, and that is just how it has to be.

Being an obscure, unknown author like me, doesn't really make you rich. I am very happy to have my job beside the writing, otherwise I think I would starve to death. I am happy to work with children. I think being surrounded by children, trying to tap into their world, sometimes actually managing to become a part of it, does good for a grown up's creative flow. Children are creative all the time through their play. They have no limitations, they are amazing small people that influence you to be a bit like them when you can. For instance, while you're writing stories. Stories about mythical themes and philosophical thought forms under the surface. Anything is possible. And your inner critique just disappear. A child wouldn't stop playing because the plot wasn't good enough... Have you ever seen a child do that? A child just plays what comes to mind, and change the plot as it feels right along the way.

Sometimes two or more children can discuss the play, and control beforehand where the play should head, and I like that approach. I do the same in  my plotting. I make an outline and then I start plotting. I plot in at least two rounds. When I make my first draft I just drive the story through with main happenings in the story along the way right through to the end. That is the main goal. Sometimes I know the characters, their names or other details about them.Sometimes it pops up in my head that there should be a conversation inserted at this point in the story. Sometimes I have a line of words or something very specific. Then I write it down so I don't forget about it. I don't correct flaws at this stage, I am not critical to anything. I just let it flow because I know there will be another round of plotting later. If my ideas run dry, I don't stop to think it through, or to find a solution. I just move on with the plotting.

I have decided to make a first draft of plotting for all my themes in my outline, let it germinate some time deep down in the ground, and in my consciousness, before I start at the top, all over again to do the second round.

Never stop playing! Never stop plotting!

Lots of love <3

Ps. Never stop researching! I think the funniest part of writing is the researching, and I just have to put it away at some point otherwise I would never get past the researching. Well, I had to check out a few historical things this week, like where did the Ostrogoths come from, and Theoderik the Bold and The Rök Stone with the runes. Oh, I just <3 it. I got to research just a little bit more, just a little bit :)

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