onsdag 16. mars 2016

Easter Deal - 30% Discount

One night between two cups of coffee, a girl and her best friend are introduced to a dreamy world where strange things happen. This event makes them search for the truth about the history of their countries. On their journeys they find clues hidden in architecture, symbols and placenames. The girl is travelling in and out of the dreamworld where she meets a wizard that teaches her important things about life and the universe and how to get closer to the truth in reality. Then one day a nuclear power plant breaks down in a storm. Could the two girls be saved?

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"The Dragon Leaves" is now discounted on Amazon

"The Dragon Leaves" brings you flashes of Mythic Fiction. Small pieces of mystical thoughts and depictions of beautiful Nature are put together in this collection

 About "The Dragon Leaves" :

"Your book draws me in. It's like a mystery I know I will not solve, but it keeps me turning the page of my kindle all the same. I love entering your vivid world of poems and vignettes. You are such a confident traveller in this landscape and its shadows. I feel safe as I travel with you through the smoke and fire to learn and to forget so much!" - a reader's review
Buy the e-book here 
If you don't have a reading device for e-books, you should know that  it is easy to get one for FREE by clicking on "send me the link" button on the book's page on Amazon.

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