lørdag 24. januar 2015

24th-26th January: 40 % discount

My collection of vignettes "The Dragon Leaves" will be discounted on Amazon between 24th and 31th of January 2015.

Ordinary Price $7.00 
24th-26th January: $3.99
27th-31th January: $4.99

Buy the e-book here

If you don't have a reading device for e-books, or you're not sure if the receiver of your gift has one, you should know that  it is easy to get one for FREE by clicking on "send me the link" button on the book's page on Amazon.


48 pieces of short prose and poetry from the Norwegian poet Filidh Lochlannach is now available in e-book format. "The Dragon Leaves" is a collection of stand alone texts that tell an entire story if read together. Unpack the flashes of beautiful nature and wonderings of what happened when Christianity suppressed Paganism, all wrapped up in a poet's paper. 


About "The Dragon Leaves" 

"Your book draws me in. It's like a mystery I know I will not solve, but it keeps me turning the page of my kindle all the same. I love entering your vivid world of poems and vignettes. You are such a confident traveller in this landscape and its shadows. I feel safe as I travel with you through the smoke and fire to learn and to forget so much!" - a reader's review 


Go for a walk in the woods, find the old pathway up the hills, and follow it up to the old hill forts. By the steep trail, you see the ground all covered with Dragon Leaves. Pause for a while, watch them, kneel and turn them. Read the stories of the people that once lived there, of their world view and their relationships to Nature. Read the poems of how they revered Women and Female properties in the world around them, and learn a lesson of why humans today create their own sorrows. 

This hill of poems and stories features a panoramic view into the past, including history, ecology, philosophy and religion. Throughout, these tales of an ancient culture reveals conflicts, greed, despair, but also a hope of love, harmony and peace as the Dragon is about to return.

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