søndag 12. januar 2014

Author Bio - Updated

November 2014 - Author Bio

I am a Norwegian woman, 40 years old.
I published my first e-book "The Dragon Leaves" in the spring 2014. 
I study climate change, history and philosophy in between my writing, and ”The Dragon Leaves” is a collection of vignettes inspired by my studies.

One of the seeds for this work, “Waiting for winter,” was published in The 2013 Fall Digital Booklet of “Impluvium Studios”.

Besides writing and studies, I work as a subsitute in a kindergarten. 

I am currently working on my second book - a collection of short stories that I have given the working title "The Priestess of the Waterfall"

You can buy "The Dragon Leaves" here
You can also find me on facebook

e-mail: hege_fossum@hotmail.com

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